What’s in a brand? Parker vs. Mont Blanc

We routinely get forthcoming clients in the shop with little thought of what to purchase yet the words Mont Blanc trip off the tongue with no thought of cost or rationale.  We recommend pens over the value go with a reaction ‘What! For a pen?’ ‘Be that as it may, sir, this is a large portion of the cost of a passage level Mont Blanc.’

Cherish them or opposed them, Mont Blanc is an ace class in mark management.  In showcasing classes, the principal thing instructed is the ‘4 P’s’ – Product, Price, Place and Promotion.  An essential memory helper which serves well even at an advanced level as a ‘straightforward check.  Mont Blanc pens are fine.  They are great quality, solid, pens.  The Mont Blanc run is delightfully introduced, as would be normal for the price.  One feedback might be that their refills are not as generally accessible as would be useful for their owners.  But until the point that you have bought, you don’t find that out.  Realistically, as far as quality they contend with Pelikan, top of the line Parkers and Watermans, and by and by, I would rate Caran d’Ache possibly unrivaled.

Nonetheless, where Mont Blanc leaves the various brands in the shade is as far as desirability.  In evaluating terms, they have made a decent item however have dealt with the market so as to support an excellent cost point.  The organization has decreased the quantity of retail outlets, focussing rather, on the top of the line and gems retailers where they can guarantee that the brand is spoken to over its range including gems and cowhide goods.  Uniquely, Mont Blanc appears to oversee retail estimating to keep away from the standard scrum of web webpage under-slicing each to create deals. Consolidate this with the taking off of devoted Mont Blanc boutiques, the production of ‘need’ in your objective market is finished.

Parker pens are nearly the absolute opposite of Mont Blanc.  Especially at the top of the line, the Parker Duofolds and Premiers are of an equivalent quality with alluring bundling and even a comparable cost point.  Those up to date can see through the puffery of marking and will take a target perspective of the pen and its execution. Parker pens work.  They do precisely what they say on the label.  Unfortunately, they do it for insurance agency reaction impetuses to no end, as well.  Therefore, the brand is worth what individuals are set up to pay for it.  With significant normality consequently, we offer the Parker Duofold or Premier in light of a demand for an amazing pen and the client decays, not based on the pen or its great written work involvement, but since the Parker mark has been devalued.  Parker knows about its image’s disintegration and are attempting to enhance its perception.  Last year as a feature of this recuperation procedure at, we took conveyance of a portion of the best show furniture we have seen for pens however this is just a beginning stage.

While picking your next top of the line pen, our proposal is attempt the pen in a visually impaired testing (hard to compose blindfolded however you get the thought!) and discover the pen which gives the best experience.  There is a solid likelihood that it will be one of the non-Mont Blanc items.

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